About Us

about us

The work we do today is rooted in our history

Trusted Family Foundation’s model of foster care is to build a strong program based on reuniting
families. We plan to become local role models to every child building a great relationship built
on trust and transparency. The model is based on the Parenting with Love and Logic which
provides material and suggestions for working with every age child. We also make sure all foster
parents understand how to best relate and respond to trauma related behaviors.

Who we serve

Every year, 686,000 children in the United States endure abuse and neglect, with nearly 10% of this national average concentrated in Texas. Specifically, 66,398 cases are reported, with 5,670 children ending up in foster care. At the Trusted Family Foundation, compassion is the driving force behind our mission to address these concerning statistics. We recognize these aren’t just faceless numbers; they are children from various backgrounds, whether abandoned, severely neglected, emotionally challenged, or with special medical needs. Each child is unique and deserving of care. Our response is rooted in compassion, motivating us to take action. We aim to be the hands of hope by training families and preparing the community for foster care and adoption. Trusted Family Foundation, as a distinctive agency, emphasizes the importance of community involvement as the key to supporting and serving our children and families.In our commitment to serving children in crisis, we believe that practical expressions of love exemplify the concern for their well-being. Our foster care program involves families opening their hearts and homes to provide temporary care for children in need. Through shelter, safety, and love, our foster families make a significant impact, demonstrating how lives can be transformed when families extend themselves outward to embrace others.