Become a Parent

Foster Parent

To ensure high-quality care for children in foster care, every prospective family undergoes a structured process guided by specific rules and regulations set by the State of Texas, along with our standards at Trusted Family Foundation.

At Trusted Family Foundation, we are committed to getting to know you and providing support throughout the fostering and respite process. Our application marks the initiation of this relationship, and we want to assure you that your information is kept confidential.


Why Opt for Our Respite Care Training?

While numerous choices exist for completing your respite care training, our program stands out with a comprehensive curriculum and valuable connections for those committed to assisting foster caregivers. When you select Trusted Family Foundation for your respite care training, you’ll gain the readiness to effectively support foster caregivers in their time of need.


Master Our Thorough Curriculum

Our respite care training curriculum delves into a variety of subjects, ensuring you’re well-equipped to address the requirements of individuals with special needs. These topics encompass caregiver responsibilities, safety and emergency protocols, communication and engagement strategies, personal care, behavior management, medication administration, and cultural sensitivity.

Experience Community Support

A significant advantage of choosing our respite care training is the nurturing community you’ll engage with. As part of our training, you become an integral part of our extensive network of respite care providers and caregivers. By connecting with fellow trainees and sharing experiences, you’ll not only enjoy a sense of community but also access essential support throughout your caregiver journey.